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It’s the year 2023 and depression is now being treated as a serious disorder just like cancer or any other life-threatening ailment. For those suffering from depression at any level, even the most normal things to do in life can become a challenge real quick.

The good news is, Medical Marijuana has proven to be effective when it comes to combatting the prominent symptoms of depression in most cases. This guide here today will discuss depression and how you can get a Medical Marijuana Card for depression with us.

Understanding Depression

In simple terms, depression is a mode-related disorder originating due to mental health issues. The most prominent symptom of depression is a persistent feeling of sadness. This sensation often changes the eating, sleeping, and thinking patterns within people suffering from depression. It is known to affect one’s memory as well if left untreated for long.

There are two ways through which depression can be treated. The first is to get therapy to change one’s perspective of life. The second is to take proper medications to cope with symptoms associated with depression including self-harm and suicide in extreme cases.

Types of Depression

According to DSM-5 issued by the American Psychiatric Association, depressive disorders can be categorized into the following types,

1. Clinical Depression

One of the most severe yet common depressive disorders. If diagnosed with clinical depression, it means that you have been feeling low or having low self-esteem for two weeks or more with other depressive symptoms like lack of sleep, change in eating patterns, mood swings, etc.

2. Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD)

Common among children of age group 10 and above, DMDD may result in sudden anger outbursts within children along with chronic and frequent irritability.

3. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

During PMDD, you may have PMS symptoms along with extreme mood swings, irritability, anxiety, or depression. The symptoms get better once the menstruation period starts but are strong enough to impact your everyday life.

4. Persistent Depressive Disorder (PDD)

A mild form of clinical depression that may last at least two years. Medical professionals call PDD dysthymia.

5. Depression due to any other medical condition

Apart from categorized depressive disorders, any other major disorder such as Alzhiemer’s, cancer, ALS, etc can lead to the development of depressive symptoms that may become persistent if the medical condition stays the same or no therapy-based help is sought to rehabilitate one’s mental health and outlook towards life.

Some of the most common symptoms of depression include Feelings of hopelessness, sadness, or emptiness, Irritability, Angry Outbursts, Sleep disturbances, Loss of interest in most admired activities, Restlessness, Reduced appetite, Trouble thinking or concentrating, Suicidal thoughts, Insomnia, Physical issues

Is Bipolar Depression A Qualifying Condition For A Medical Card?

Yes, this might be a surprise but bipolar depression is a qualifying medical condition in most of the US states having an active Medical Marijuana program. The major reason behind it is that people suffering from bipolar depression often experience manic or hypomanic episodes accompanied by chronic pain, headaches, etc.

Such individuals also tend to hurt themselves during such episodes if not cared for properly. It is important to note that many of the qualifying medical conditions for Medical Marijuana often lead to developing depression or mental health disorders if they have become persistent over time.

Medical Marijuana: A Potential Treatment for Depression?

Medical Marijuana is now actively used for the treatment of depressive disorders. It is quite some progress considering that the majority of people believed that Cannabis causes depression not very long ago. The state of Florida has even declared depression as a qualifying medical condition to apply for a Florida Medical Marijuana Card.

Cannabis is known for its mood-levitating and energizing properties. For someone suffering from major episodes of depression, this is something they just might be looking for. Thus, Medical Marijuana is indeed a great alternative to traditional anti-depressants.

Ways to Use Medical Marijuana for Depression

  • Smoking Or Vaping: Consuming Marijuana (medical) through smoking or vaping is perhaps the most effective way of consumption. This method allows fast intake and absorption of Marijuana contents within the body.
  • Edibles: Over the years, people are now switching to edible Marijuana gummies which are a great and tasty way of consuming Medical Marijuana.
  • Oral drops Or Sprays: Oral drops under the tongue or mist sprays don’t cause any psychoactive changes within the body but are known to be effective against depression and anxiety alike.
  • Patches: Much similar to nicotine patches, Marijuana patches must be acquired by a hairless part of the body and are known to deliver a controlled amount of dosage without the fear of losing any dosage during digestion.

Medical Marijuana Legislation and Depression

In around 38 US states, Medical Marijuana is legal with an active Medical Marijuana Program allowing patients to consume/possess Medical Marijuana legally. The rules and regulations may vary for each state but the qualifying medical conditions are almost the same.

But how is this linked to depression? Well, many qualifying conditions may cause depression within the patients which opens up the pathways of consuming Medical Marijuana for depressive disorders. Some states like Florida have even mentioned depression as a qualifying medical condition for Medical Marijuana consumption.

Benefits of Using Medical Marijuana for Depression

  • Medical Marijuana is an excellent pain management tool. For people who are suffering from extreme depressive disorders with frequent violent and manic episodes or headaches, Medical Marijuana can be an excellent replacement for anti-depressants for pain management.
  • Marijuana/Cannabis is known for its mood-elevating properties. For people who are already feeling low and doubting their self-worth, consuming Medical Marijuana can ensure an elevated spirit and mindset. This is something that such patients might be looking for so that all of their depression-related symptoms can get reduced over time.
  • Marijuana is also an excellent agent against nausea, irritability, and anxiety.

Side Effects of Marijuana for Depression

As of now, there is no prominent side-effect of Marijuana that are associated with its usage among depression patients. However, experts do believe that depending upon Marijuana to elevate one’s mood is not a healthy obsession and may make the patient dependent on the substance.

Why Choose The Kif?

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