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Discover The World of Cannabis Strains: Your Ultimate Guide

Have you ever thought about what exactly is a cannabis strain and why cannabis users are so obsessed with certain types of strains? Well, cannabis strains are like various types of cannabis that differ from one another based on aroma, flavor, and potency. To ensure that you get a thorough understanding of cannabis strains.

Today, we are going to take a look at some of the popular cannabis strains and what are they good for.

What exactly is a cannabis Strain?

Apart from commonly referred to as various ‘types’ of cannabis, there is a more valid and explanation definition for the term ‘strain’ as well. A cannabis strain is basically a classification parameter that describes the ‘chemotype’ (chemical composition), ‘phenotype’ (physical features), and the potential medical effects.

To this very day, cannabis experts have documented around 700-800 cannabis strains that are widely recognized throughout the globe. But this doesn’t mean that the total number of cannabis strains is confined within this range. As a matter of fact, experts believe that there can be well around thousands of cannabis strains that are yet to be discovered.

How New Strains Are Made?

This is where the cannabis cultivators come in. The cultivators take one male and one female cannabis plant from a particular strain and cross them to form a hybrid. A prominent example of such a cross is the ‘Girls Scout Cookies’ (GSC) formed by the cross between OG Kush and the Durban Poison. Similarly, if you try to cross Blueberry with White Widow, it will yield Berry White.

Different Types Of Cannabis Strains

  • Indica
  • Indica strains are well known for their less THC but higher CBD concentrations as compared to other cannabis strains. Originating from the mountains of India, the Indica is known for its sedative effects.

  • Sativa
  • Sativa strains contain high concentrations of THC (which is in fact a psychoactive compound) and are known for their super energizing effects. Sativa is known to produce fruity, floral, and spicy aromas/flavors depending upon the terpenes concentration.

  • Hybrid
  • As the name indicates, the hybrids are a cross between Indica and Sativa. The majority of cannabis strains that are readily available in the market are ‘hybrids’. Even the ones that mention ‘sativa’ or ‘indica’ are hybrids. Hybrids have higher than usual THC and CBD concentrations but have variable effects on the human body.

How To Choose A Cannabis Strain?

1. The first step is to acknowledge your own understanding of cannabis. If you’re an absolute beginner, stick with a cannabis strain that is CBD-dominant. 80:20 ratio strains are usually considered perfect for absolute beginners where CBD has the upper hand. With time, you can progress to a 50:50 or even to a strain that is THC dominant.

2. Second, consider why you’re taking the strain in the first place. Want to relax? Try indicia-rich Blueberry. Got an exam coming up? Switch to a sativa-dominant Jack Herer.

3. And third, consider the CBD (known for its relaxing abilities), THC (known for its energizing ability), and the terpenes content within your desired strain.

The Most Popular Cannabis Strains

  • Dutch Treat:
  • Sativa strain, high in CBD, and is very popular with Medical cannabis users.
  • Northern Lights:
  • Indica strain, pine sensory profile, commonly used for treating anxiety and depression.
  • Black Magic Kush:
  • Deep in color, rich in terpene pinene, known for its sleep-inducing abilities.
  • Amnesia Haze:
  • Have highly potent tranquilizing effects and a strong sleep-inducing agent.
  • Sour Diesel:
  • sky high in THC and low in CBD, not for amateurs, used to treat chronic pain.

Is There A ‘Best’ Cannabis Strain?

There are many strains that can be labeled as the ‘best’ cannabis strain but experts avoid making such claims. Why? well, every cannabis strain has its own set of pros and cons, plus every strain doesn’t have a fixed impact when consumed by an individual So, the advisable thing to do is to go with the cannabis strain that you believe is the ‘best’ one for you.

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