Does Medicaid Cover Medical Marijuanas in Louisiana?
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Well, even though medical marijuana has now been legalized throughout many US states, there are still some ‘technical details’ associated with the matter that require further clarification. As a medical marijuana consumer, you’ll want to know if popular state-federal medical insurance programs such as Medicaid will be covering your medical marijuana expenses under their banner or not. Today, we’ll be having a thorough discussion on the matter, specifically keeping the medical marijuana users in the state of Louisiana in mind.

Louisiana medical marijuana laws

The good news is that as of 2019, medical marijuana is now completely legal within the state of Louisiana. As long as you have a valid Louisiana medical marijuana card prescribed by a certified Louisiana doctor, you can purchase, possess, and consume medical marijuana as per your medical requirements. The state has a solid network of medical marijuana dispensaries through which you can purchase specific medical cannabis-related products.

On the other hand, the state has indeed taken some crucial steps in the last few years to decriminalize the recreational possession of cannabis. However, possessing recreational marijuana over a specific limit is still illegal within the state.

Can a private insurance company cover medical marijuana?

Before moving forward and understanding Medicaid’s stance on covering medical marijuana expenses under the insurance policy, let’s try to find out what policy other private medical insurance companies active within the United States are following.

To this very day, cannabis is classified as a Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substance Act as per the US Federal Law. but at the same time, around 39 US states have now legalized the use of medical cannabis, out of which 19 states have taken another huge step by legalizing the use of recreational cannabis as well.

Now this has led to the creation of this void of confusion throughout the US. Private medical insurance companies who are aiming to operate nationwide now need to make a choice. To either honor the federal laws under which there is no concept of medical use of marijuana the use of medical marijuana can’t be insured as per the policy or to honor the non-standardized state laws and limit their operations to a specific state.

From what we know so far, almost every private insurance company is honoring the federal laws, as a result, you can hardly find a medical insurance company that is going to cover your medical marijuana expenses under the insurance. However, a prominent number of US states have now legalized the use of medical cannabis which can lead to a change in this policy sometime in the near future.

Medicaid’s stance on medical marijuana coverage in Louisiana

But isn’t Medicaid also a private medical insurance program? No, Medicaid is a joint venture of state and federal governments ensuring access to medical aid for people with low income and resources. The program is active in almost every US state. In Louisiana, the Medicaid program is administered by federal representatives as well as state-appointed representatives ensuring the collaboration between the state and federal governments on the matter.

Now, Medicaid’s stance on the matter is quite conscious and not so clear. Considering the program’s affiliation with federal laws, we all can understand this. As of now, the Medicaid program within the state of Louisiana, or any other US state for that matter doesn’t cover medical marijuana expenses under the insurance. The same goes for Medicare which is another popular federal-backed medical insurance program.

However, activists are making prominent efforts in this regard so that medical marijuana expenses can be covered through these programs. Unfortunately, for the time being, both Medicaid and Medicare don’t provide medical marijuana expenses coverage within the state of Louisiana or any other US state.

What are some other coverage options to try?

Well at this point, you might be thinking about other options through which your medical marijuana expenses can be covered. Unfortunately, medical insurance companies and programs active in the United States don’t cover medical cannabis expenses as a part of the insurance.

The reason behind this is quite obvious. Cannabis and its derivatives are classified as a Schedule I substance as per the federal law making cannabis possession, consumption, and trade completely illegal. So, to be on the right side of federal laws, medical insurance coverage programs and companies aren’t involved with medical cannabis-related transactions, even if the state they are operating in has legalized the use of medical cannabis.

Price breakdown for medical marijuana in Louisiana

There is no one-fixed price standard followed by medical cannabis dispensaries throughout the state of Louisiana. In most cities, you can expect to pay around $50-$80 for about 3.5 grams of medical cannabis. The price can rise to $90 based on the type of product you’re purchasing in the first place.

On the other hand, if you prefer using medical cannabis tinctures, the prices are way steeper than usual. You can expect to pay around $90-$200 per 30 ml bottle. Needless to say, specific tinctures can sell for a price even higher than $200.

Also, it is worth noting that areas like Lake Charles are known to have lower prices for medical marijuana products as compared to areas like Baton Rouge.

Final Note

Having medical insurance in the US can be a great way to access medical facilities without paying much. With the rise of medical marijuana patients across the state of Louisiana, it is quite natural to assume that your medical insurance will cover the medical marijuana expenses as well.

Unfortunately, no, Medicaid, Medicare, or for that matter any other private medical insurance program or company won’t be covering your medical marijuana expenses due to federal restrictions.


Is a medical marijuana card issued by the state of Louisiana?

Yes, qualifying medical marijuana patients receive a medical marijuana card issued by the state of Louisiana.

Can medical marijuana patients in Louisiana use their insurance to cover cannabis products?

Unfortunately, medical marijuana patients in Louisiana can’t use their insurance (government or private) to cover the cost of cannabis products they are using.

Does the federal government recognize any medical reasons for using cannabis?

No, the federal government doesn’t recognize any medical reason for using cannabis in any capacity.

Are there federal laws that impact the cost of medical marijuana?

Yes, the federal laws classify marijuana as a Schedule I substance impacting the overall cost and insurance related to the drug.

Can patients in Louisiana use medical marijuana for recreational use?

No, the state of marijuana only allows registered patients to use cannabis for medical reasons. Consumption of cannabis for recreational use is still illegal.

Does Medicaid cover medical marijuana in Louisiana?

No, Medicaid is a federal-state-operated insurance program and doesn’t cover medical marijuana in Louisiana.

Does Medicare Part D cover the cost of medical marijuana in Louisiana?

No, medicare part d doesn’t cover the cost of medical marijuana as it is not classified as a prescription drug in the US.

What health conditions are approved for medical marijuana treatment in Louisiana?

HIV/AIDS, cachexia or wasting disorder, seizure disorders, spasticity, Crohn’s disease, muscular dystrophy, severe muscle spasms, glaucoma, Parkinson’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, multiple sclerosis, intractable pain, Alzheimer’s, ALS, traumatic brain injury, concussion, chronic pain associated with either fibromyalgia or sickle cell disease, conditions resulting in the patient receiving hospice care or palliative care, and in some cases autism.

Does the cost of medical marijuana vary across different cities in Louisiana?

Yes, the cost of medical marijuana indeed varies across different cities in Louisiana with Baton Rouge on the higher end and Lake Charles on the lower end.

Yes, as long as the dependents are qualified medical marijuana patients, legal guardians can obtain medical marijuana for them.

Does Louisiana’s medical marijuana program allow for the use of prescription drugs containing cannabis?

Yes, Louisiana’s medical marijuana program does allow the use of cannabis-infused prescription drugs.

Do Louisiana doctors require in-person appointments for medical marijuana certification?

Most of the time, Louisiana doctors are comfortable with both in-person and telemedicine-powered appointments.

Can qualified patients in Louisiana grow their cannabis plant for medicinal purposes?

No, the Louisiana medical cannabis law doesn’t allow patients or their legal guardians to cultivate medical cannabis in any capacity.

Are there any health insurance plans in Louisiana that include coverage for medical marijuana?

Currently, there isn’t a single medical insurance program active within the state of Louisiana that includes medical marijuana coverage.

How does the cost of cannabinoid medications compare to medical marijuana?

Cannabinoid medications have varying costs as these medications can be paid through medical insurance, unlike medical marijuana which must be paid out of pocket.

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