Do Medical Marijuana Cards Show Up On Background Checks?
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It’s quite natural to think about whether your Medical Marijuana Card will show up on a background check or not. But why you might want to know something like this in the first place? Well, turns out that the ‘prejudices’ associated with the consumption of Marijuana are still very real for some people in the United States. That’s why, it is better to have an overview of your Medical Marijuana Card’s privacy and protection. Let’s talk about this further.

Medical Cannabis and Background Checks

There was a time where Medical usage of Cannabis was such a remote concept that no one even thought about it for quite some. That means, no scientific research is being conducted on the topic either. But things started to get better once the Medical Marijuana Program was introduced in various US states. The number of states having Medical Marijuana has raised to 38 as of 2023. Surprisingly still, Medical Marijuana is still not legal on the Federal level which leads to the whole debate of verifying whether the Medical Cannabis Card will show on a background check. No, it won’t.

What Kind of Information Do Background Checks Reveal?

Usually, two main categories/types of background checks are conducted throughout the US. The first one is an employment background check usually revealing your full name, credit score, criminal record, address, etc.

The second one is a court background check which is quite extended and reveals information like permits, employment history, civil court records, social media profiles, criminal records, etc. In either of the two cases, your Medical Marijuana Card won’t be showing up on the background as information like this is protected by the HIPAA privacy rule throughout the US.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule

The HIPAA Privacy Rule is a set US standard that ensures privacy and protection for medical records and any other similar individuals’ health-related data of a patient. As per the rule, the data is only accessible by a relevant medical doctor and not some third-party agent.

It is important to note that Medical Marijuana Cards fall under the HIPAA privacy rule hence getting protection from showing up on a background check. Here at the Kif, our telemedicine-based working model is 100% HIPAA compliant ensuring the security and privacy of your data.


Does a Medical Marijuana Card Show Up on a Background Check?

No, a Medical Marijuana Card doesn’t show up on a background check even on a Federal level.

Is My Medical Cannabis Record Protected?

Yes, Medical Marijuana Records fall under the protection of HIPAA privacy rules.

The fact that whether there are legal protections in place to ensure Medical Marijuana Patients are secure from discrimination depends upon the state you’re residing in. You can find more information on the topic from your state’s Medical Marijuana Program site or authority.

Does the Use of Medical Marijuana Affect My Federal Employment?

Federally, consuming Marijuana is still illegal which can affect your Federal employment.

Can I Lose My Job for Having a Medical Marijuana Card?

On a Federal level, Yes. However on the state level, some states offer protection against this kind of discrimination, but there aren’t many laws that prevent an employer to take strict action against an employee having a positive Marijuana test result or refusing to take the test.

What Can Happen If a Potential Employer or Landlord Sees I Have a Medical Marijuana Card?

In most cases, the employers or the landlord will ask you to submit a copy of your Medical Marijuana Card and any other relevant documentation.

Should I Disclose My Medical Marijuana Use to Potential Employers or Landlords?

You should as this gives your potential employer or landlord a solid idea regarding your medical condition and how Medical Marijuana is helping you.

What Steps Can I Take If I Feel My Rights as a Medical Marijuana Patient Have Been Violated?

Depending upon the state you’re residing in and the laws protecting your right to legally consume Medical Marijuana, you can take legal actions or complaints to a competent authority if ever feel like your rights as a Medical Marijuana patient are being violated.

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