Can You Travel With Medical Marijuana?
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It can be difficult to cross borders with medicinal cannabis. Even though medicinal marijuana is now allowed in several states, the plant is still prohibited on the federal level. This absence of government control might cause problems in traveling, particularly via high-security airports.

Check our complete guide of traveling with medicinal cannabis, covering the specific laws for various modes of transportation. Continue reading to protect your legal capacity to consume cannabis medicine when visiting friends and family during the holidays and all year.

However, please remember that nothing on this site should be considered legal advice. If you’ve got a specific concern concerning traveling with cannabis, visiting a lawyer is recommended. A certificate from KIF, on the other hand, would help with the use of medical cannabis.

Know Before You Go

Patients should study the most recent information for the state(s) they will be visiting, as rules and regulations are always subject to change. It’s also critical to keep in mind that cannabis-related items are only legal in the states in which they are purchased.

No matter what state they reside in or what state they are traveling to, medical cannabis patients are always breaking the law because of the cannabis being federally classified as a Schedule I controlled substance.

The laws protecting patients vary from state to state. Traveling across state lines with any amount of cannabis is also against the law on the federal level, even though many states with medical cannabis programs provide some form of reciprocity to visiting medical cannabis patients.

A patient found moving cannabis over state lines might face drug trafficking charges from the federal authorities. This holds true even if the patient is moving marijuana between two states with established medical marijuana programs.

Many states where marijuana is legal have specifically banned the importation and/or exportation of cannabis across their borders.

People found guilty of cannabis trafficking risk up to five years in jail and a fine of up to $250,000 for a first offense and double that amount for a subsequent offense.

When traveling to other states, it’s important to be aware of the potential repercussions and what is and isn’t legal.

Historically, these penalties have been reserved for high-volume cannabis distributors, not medical patients, but since the interstate transport of cannabis is still illegal under federal law, it’s important to be aware of these restrictions.

Can You Travel with Medical Marijuana in the US?

Traveling with medicinal cannabis inside the United States is permissible if a reciprocity program exists. States that recognize and comply with each other’s laws recognize and respect each other’s laws; thus, your certificate will be acceptable in a corresponding state.

However, the number of states that recognize out-of-state medical cards is limited, and many states, including New York and Florida, need to recognize other states’ medical cards.

If you’re traveling to a state with medical cannabis reciprocity, find out if you need to enroll in the visiting state’s medical marijuana program to use medical cannabis lawfully. Travelers to Arkansas, for instance, must sign up for the medicinal marijuana program thirty days ahead of time and deposit a $50 nonrefundable charge.

Possession restrictions may also vary between tourists and state residents. A citizen of Oregon with a medicinal cannabis card can keep a maximum of twenty-four ounces of marijuana. Even possessing a valid card, travelers from other US states are limited to one ounce.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – Navigating Different Modes of Transportation


Since the beginning of the century and the September 11th tragedy, the Transportation Security Administration, known as the TSA, has established stricter security regulations. However, harsh cannabis regulations stretch back to the presidency of Richard Nixon and the start of the War on Drugs. In a nutshell, flying with marijuana is illegal.

At the same time, TSA personnel do not deliberately examine your luggage for medicinal cannabis or additional drugs. If the TSA discovers anything that approximates a nationally illegal substance in your luggage, they must notify local law authorities.

However, the TSA is not the only organization you must answer when flying. Some major airlines, such as American Airlines, have prohibited the use of marijuana (even medical marijuana) on flights. You aren’t allowed to travel with a single gram of medically recommended cannabis under such laws.

To summarize, traveling with medical marijuana entails various legal hazards. Leave your medical marijuana in your house the next time you travel, or find another mode of transportation.

Buses And Trains

When taking public transit, remember that trains and buses have their own rules and restrictions. Even in legal jurisdictions, Amtrak and Greyhound do not allow marijuana consumption or transportation on their vehicles.


The most secure manner of traveling with medicinal cannabis is in your very own personal automobile. However, if you’re leasing a car or driving another person’s vehicle, there could be some ambiguity, especially if you pass through regions with unfavorable medical marijuana regulations. Additionally, avoid consuming marijuana while driving and respect every traffic regulation to lessen the possibility of a traffic stop.

Metros and commuter trains

You cannot use marijuana on subways or commuter trains. The Metropolitan Transit Authority in New York, the country’s largest transportation hub, outlawed all smoking in 1988.

When traveling with medicinal cannabis, commuter trains and subways have their own set of norms and regulations that you must follow.

Ferries and Boats

The United States Coast Guard wants people to leave their marijuana at home. You may be uninformed that you have departed a specific area and entered another when you cruise through waterways.

If the area through which you sail has made marijuana illegal, you are liable to their laws.

Traveling with Medical Cannabis Abroad

Depending on where you go, several countries tend to clamp down on drug traffickers, including medical cannabis users. The Indonesian island of Bali has one of the worst marijuana-related punitive systems in the world.

The Bali administration makes no distinction between recreational and medical marijuana and convicts those possessing it to serve at least four years in prison.

Other Asian countries, particularly China, impose similar punitive punishments on anyone who breaches their borders with marijuana. Even in nations where medicinal marijuana is permitted, such as the Netherlands, a narrow line separates medicinal and recreational usage, with the latter decriminalized but not lawful.

If you fly to Holland with a maximum of five grams of marijuana and misplace your card, you could face penalties.

What is the best advice for someone traveling abroad with medical marijuana? Do not attempt it.

How to Keep Medical Marijuana Safe When Travelling

It is simple to retain medicinal marijuana in its original package while traveling. Traveling with any unmarked prescription bottle might get you in trouble.

Store your medicinal cannabis discreetly in a separate section in your luggage, besides your medical marijuana card and any accompanying papers.

What Should You Do If You Are Arrested But Possess a Medical Cannabis Card?

First, understand that you are entitled to constitutional rights and refrain from worrying. Show your medicinal cannabis card and any associated paperwork with respect. If the problem persists, contact an attorney.

Guidelines for Medical Cannabis Travel

The safest method to travel with medicinal cannabis is not doing it in the very first place. However, if you have to travel with cannabis for medical reasons, keep the following factors in mind:

  • First, ensure that your cannabis certificate hasn’t expired or will soon expire (within the next 30 days).
  • Bring your doctor’s certification or referral letter.
  • Keep the medical cannabis identification card on you at all moments
  • Copy your medicinal cannabis card and keep it in a travel bag.
  • Leave a duplicate of your medicinal cannabis card at home with a trustworthy loved one.
  • Maintain the original container of your medicinal marijuana (and any prescription drugs).
  • Keep your doctor’s telephone number and any contact information available.
  • Just in case, have a lawyer on the rapid dial.

Bottom Line:

It is difficult to travel with marijuana for medicinal purposes. Keep up to speed on state and federal legislation to ensure that delivering medicinal cannabis to the intended location is permitted.

By carrying your medical card from The Kif, you can enjoy the advantages of medicinal marijuana in your home state safely and lawfully.


Can you fly to Canada with medical marijuana?

On its official website, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority warns, “If you plan to travel with medicinal cannabis, be prepared to produce medical paperwork.” They will be summoned to verify the paperwork where authorities are present in terminals.”

Can I bring marijuana-related goods?

In a nutshell, the response will be ‘no.’ The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) asserts that bringing marijuana-related goods on a flight is unlawful. Marijuana and cannabis-containing products are banned under federal law.

Is it Permissible to Fly on Commercial Airlines with Medical Cannabis?

According to the TSA, while flying in commercial airlines it is allowed to carry CBD products having THC less than 0.3% in bags and checked-bags but carrying medical marijuana is still illegal.

Does Possession of a Medical Marijuana Card Allow You to Fly with Cannabis?

Even if you have a state-issued medical marijuana card, you can still face federal law enforcement in places like airports, where federal law enforcement may be present. So, it’s recommended to leave your medical marijuana at home even if you have a medical marijuana card.

Do Airline Policies Generally Prohibit Traveling with Medical Marijuana?

You should speak with the airline directly to find out about their unique policies and procedures if you have a valid medical need for marijuana. In some cases, airlines may require documentation or advance notice for the transportation of certain medications.

Is it Allowed to Bring a THC Vape Pen on Board an Airplane?

Passengers are permitted to bring THC vape pens but they must be stored in carry-on luggage and cannot be used during the flight.

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