Can You Get A Medical Marijuana Card For Endometriosis?
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The short answer will be, yes. While endometriosis may not be labeled as a specific Medical Marijuana Card qualifying condition in most states, the major symptom of endometriosis may be chronic pain which in fact is a Medical Marijuana Card qualifying condition. As a disease that particularly targets the female population, the exact reasons behind it are unknown. While endometriosis is known for severely impacting the lifestyle of someone suffering from it.

Understanding Endometriosis

Endometriosis revolves around the disorderly growth of the endometrial tissue lining that is present inside the uterus. The overgrowths may extend to the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and intestines. As a result, endometriosis prevents blood from escaping the body leading to the creation of cysts known as endometriomas. If not treated, this can lead to problems with ovulation, and fertility, and even significantly increase the chances of ovarian cancer development in rare cases.

Symptom That Occurs With Endometriosis

Pain during bowel movements or urination: The severity of endometriosis may result in painful bowel movements or urination, especially during menstruation.

1. Pain during intercourse

Endometriomas may cause severe pain during sexual intercourse.

2. Dysmenorrhea

The condition refers to a state where menstrual pain and pelvic cramps may extend to days after the menstruation period.

3. Infertility

According to research studies, patients seeking treatment for infertility are often diagnosed with endometriosis.

4. Excessive bleeding

To lose more than usual blood during menstruation is also a major symptom of endometriosis. Intermenstrual bleeding may also be a prominent symptom in this case.

Can Medical Marijuana Help With Endometriosis? What Study Says?

According to recent studies conducted on the topic, Medical Marijuana has shown promising relief effects on endometriosis symptoms like pelvic pain and gastrointestinal problems. From the period of 2017 to 2020, around 252 participants, suffering from endometriosis took part in 16193 Cannabis sessions for the experts to make the above-mentioned discovery regarding Medical Marijuana.

In a 2021 survey, 213 New Zealand women suffering from endometriosis underwent a similar study. The results indicated that more than 95% of women claimed to have relief from pelvic pain caused due to endometriosis after taking certain proportions of Cannabis-based products. Further research is being done on the topic to bring promising concrete facts.

Medical Marijuana Card for Endometriosis: Explained

This might be a surprise for you but in the majority of US states with a function Medical Marijuana program, endometriosis doesn’t qualify as a medical condition for which Medical Marijuana can be consumed. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get a Medical Marijuana Card as a major symptom of endometriosis is chronic pain which is marked as a qualifying condition.

Whether the extent of chronic pain in a specific case will be enough to get a Medical Marijuana prescription is something only the certified medical practitioners can decide. So you need to be through with your doctor in order to get the prescription leading to a Medical Marijuana Card.

Are You Looking for a Medical Cannabis Card?

If your answer is yes, then chances are that you don’t have much idea about where and how to start your Medical Marijuana application. Don’t worry, Kif is here to help you out with the process.

Our wide network of certified medical practitioners can get you a Medical Marijuana prescription in a matter of few minutes. All you need to do is book an appointment with, talk about your condition and history in detail with your assigned doctor in detail, and get your Medical Marijuana prescription allowing you to apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in your state. Do remember to go through your state-specific Medical Marijuana Card requirements beforehand.


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Is endometriosis considered a medical condition?

For Medical Marijuana usage, no, endometriosis is not considered as a qualifying condition. However, you can still get a Medical Marijuana Card for endometriosis considering that the major symptom of endometriosis is chronic pain which in fact is a qualifying condition.

How do you mentally deal with endometriosis?

It can be difficult to cope with endometriosis mentally as it is a life-changing condition in most cases. The best approach to deal with it mentally is to seek professional help or join therapy groups where people facing similar conditions share their stories and encourage one another.

Is endometriosis the most painful condition?

For chronic pains, endometriosis is widely referred to as one of the top 20 painful conditions.

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