Can Cannabis Treat Autoimmune Disorder Alopecia Areata?
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Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that causes severe, unpredictable hair loss. Alopecia areata sufferers frequently experience clumpy and occasionally massive hair loss.

Everyone is affected differently by it, some just lose hair in specific areas of the head while others lose a lot more, occasionally leaving them bald. However, some people can regrow their hair, while others can do so.

There are several different types of alopecia areata, including the common condition as well as less common variations like alopecia areata totalis, which results in complete hair loss on the head, alopecia areata universalis, diffuse alopecia areata, and last but not least, opiates alopecia areata, which causes hair loss in the form of bands on the back and sides of the head.

Alopecia’s main symptom is hair loss. Additionally, patients may notice that their fingernails and toenails are red and brittle.

The National Alopecia Areata Foundation estimates that 147 million people will experience this illness globally. Mild cases may eventually go away on their own without treatment, but they may reoccur often.

Patients may require steroid injections in the places where hair is shedding for those who experience more severe cases; topical treatments may also be used.

It’s challenging to foresee how people may respond to different treatments. Even after receiving standard medical care and medicines, people frequently struggle to regrow their hair.

The severe emotional distress that alopecia areata causes is another factor. Although the disorder itself is not hazardous or lethal, it can have major psychological effects, such as depression.

Can Cannabis Help?

Researchers from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston’s Department of Dermatology recently surveyed almost 1,100 people with alopecia areata.

The findings showed that a third of the participants reported currently using cannabis, while a similar number two-thirds) claimed that cannabis helped them cope with emotions of stress, anxiety, depression, and melancholy.

The authors write, “A sizable portion of AA patients use cannabis, frequently to alleviate psychological issues associated with their hair loss.

These results add to the body of literature that suggests that patients are looking for alternative approaches to deal with the emotional burden of AA that conventional approaches have failed to address.”

Studies investigating the advantages of cannabis for alopecia have been conducted. A study from 2021 on 35 patients with androgenetic alopecia—a condition caused by high levels of dihydrotestosterone in the hair follicles—found that topical hemp oil application on the affected area resulted in an average increase in hair growth of 93.5%.

The vertex, or top of the head, as well as temporal regions of the scalp, were both treated with oil.

Another study emphasized the advantages of topical CBD oil since it has potent anti-inflammatory qualities and can help lower sebocyte formation in the skin and hair.

Adenosine can help promote hair development, therefore CBD can also assist in activating the TRPV type 4 receptors that are found in hair follicles. It also stimulates the local adenosine receptors, which can be advantageous.

Significant study has also been done to show how CBD can help people with various types of hair loss grow their hair back, especially when administered topically.

Additionally, it is well-known that CBD has strong anti-inflammatory qualities that can be advantageous for the scalp. High levels of antioxidants, including vitamins A and C, are present in CBD.

In a Byrdie investigation on the usage of CBD for hair loss, Dr. Michelle Henry, MD stepped in and stated: “The actual active cannabinoid is anti-inflammatory and can help psoriasis and eczema,” she disclosed.

“For scalp and hair issues that are triggered by inflammation such as psoriasis, dermatitis especially in women who have hair loss in women,” she told Byrdie.

“Hempseed oil will assist the hair and scalp retain moisture. People often overlook the fact that the scalp is a continuation of the face. We should employ comparable components because the signification of the scalp and expansion of skin care has grown in popularity.” Henry told Byrdie.

The psychological effects of alopecia areata can also be managed by patients with the aid of CBD medicines. Patients who use it can lessen the stress of having this condition thanks to its relaxing and anti-anxiety qualities.

It also strengthens the immune system and aids in the battle against inflammation, which is why cancer patients who are experiencing hair loss use it.

Can The Cause of Alopecia Areata Be Treated With CBD Oil?

Oxidative stress and inflammation can both be decreased using CBD oil. There is excellent news for those who suffer from alopecia areata because the disorder is brought on by an overactive immune reaction.

For the skin and hair, switching to natural products like CBD oil can be beneficial.

Using CBD for Hair Loss

You can utilize topical solutions if you decide to attempt utilizing CBD for hair loss brought on by alopecia areata. You can mix CBD oils directly onto your skin or add them to your shampoos and conditioners.

On the market, there are a variety of topical CBD medicines that can be applied directly to the afflicted areas. You can also take CBD orally to boost your defenses against infection and reduce inflammation.

It’s always advised to see your doctor before making any decisions if you have alopecia areata. They may be able to suggest a treatment plan that includes cannabis and has the best results for your disease if they are knowledgeable about cannabis medicine, which would be excellent.


Although alopecia areata can be a difficult illness to manage, recent advances in science indicate that the number of available therapies will be beneficial. By using cannabis, you can deal with your hair-related ailments including alopecia areata.

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