Can Cannabis Cause Erectile Dysfunction?
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Before talking about the effect of cannabis on Erectile Dysfunction, let’s talk about what precisely Erectile dysfunction is. Scientifically, ED disorder leads to the inability to maintain an erection, firm enough for sex. There can be more than one reason behind Erectile dysfunction but researchers have so far found no evidence that proves a connection between ED and the use of cannabis.

Marijuana and ED: Is there a relation?

Even though many researchers do believe that there is some relation and that theoretically, marijuana may cause ED, there is no evidence that can support this hypothesis.

Smoking tobacco is known to restrict the blood flow within the body. That’s why, someone who smokes cigarettes a lot is at a much higher risk of developing ED than a non-smoker. When marijuana is smoked with tobacco, it may produce similar effects.

It is interesting to note that cannabinoid receptors are present within the smooth muscle tissues of the penis. So theoretically, marijuana can impact the penile function, leading to temporary ED development. However, no evidence proves this hypothesis.

Effects of marijuana relevant to ED

THC is known to impact the brain’s ‘pleasure and reward’ system. When a person smokes marijuana, the lungs pass the THC into the bloodstream which then carries it to the brain and other parts of the body.

As a result, a person may experience a temporary ‘high’ sensation which includes,

  • Change in sensory perception
  • Euphoria accompanied by drowsiness and relaxation
  • Change in body balance and coordination mechanism
  • Slowed down learning and thinking abilities

Some of the long-term effects of marijuana on the body include,

  • Memory impairment
  • Constant cough and similar respiratory disorders (if smoking marijuana)

The role of marijuana medication in ED

Even though medical marijuana is now being used as a medication for various disorders, there is no mention of using these medications in case of Erectile dysfunction. Further research needs to be done to establish a credible relationship between ED and marijuana consumption.

Final Note

So, can cannabis cause Erectile Dysfunction? The most credible answer to this will be no. Even though researchers may believe that consuming cannabis may eventually result in developing ED, all of these are theoretical assumptions without any solid evidence to back them up.

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