Can A Felon Get A Medical Card?
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The answer is Yes, for most of the 33 states that allow medical usage of marijuana. However, whether a felon gets a medical marijuana card or not does depend on multiple prerequisites that vary from state to state.


Medical Marijuana Card Eligibility Criteria


To be eligible for an MMJ card, there are four main clauses you need to fulfil,

  • Be over a specific age limit. The age limit is set by the state and varies depending on where you live. For most of the states, the applicants can even be 18 years or younger and still obtain a legal medical marijuana card with a guardian.
  • Complete the application form with the best of your knowledge truthfully. It is important as background checks are a must for multiple states and not declaring any prior felonies or jurisdictions can impact the medical marijuana card application.
  • Recommendation from a doctor indicating that obtaining an MMJ card is crucial for your well-being. The doctor must be legally able to prescribe marijuana infused treatment.
  • Successful payment of licensing fees. The licensing fee vary from state to state. For example, in New York State, you can get a medical marijuana card for a fee of $149.


Along with these clauses, some states such as Illinois have set strict regulations including fingerprint scanning and a background check must to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card.


Within the United States, a felon loses the majority of their fundamental rights such as voting, free travel, parental benefits, jury service, the right to own a gun, etc. The legal implications however are determined by the nature of the felony convicted and surely influence the issuance of a Medical marijuana card.


Which States Allow Felons To Hold Medical Marijuana Cards

Out of the 33 states where you can legally get an MMJ card, three states are known to allow felons to hold a Medical marijuana card. Apart from some, the rest of the states make decisions on an applicant-to-applicant basis. The three states are,

Arizona: The state of Arizona allows felons to obtain a Medical marijuana card if they have a valid prescription from a certified doctor.
New York: Just like Arizona, the state of New York allows felons to obtain an MMJ card if they have a valid prescription. However, the felonies must not come under section 137 of Cannabis Law.

California: According to Proposition 64 in the state of California, nonviolent criminals that were associated with marijuana can get their records cleared. This can allow them to apply for a medical marijuana card through the legal route.



Which States Don’t Allow Felons To Hold Medical Marijuana Cards?


While most of the states judge the applications on a case-to-case basis, some states have downright made it impossible for felons to get a medical marijuana card. These states are,

Illinois: Apart from a fingerprint scan and background check, if you have any sort of felony record related to drug offenses, you can’t apply for a medical marijuana card.

Iowa: Just like Illinois, felons convicted of drug abuse are not allowed to apply for a medical marijuana card within the state.


Can a Felon Own a Dispensary?

The majority of the states allow felons convicted of non-violent crimes to obtain a dispensary license. This also includes felons who have been involved in substance abuse and similar conviction levels. However, it is important to go through state-specific laws to get a better understanding of all the do’s and don’ts.



What Weapons Can a Felon Own in Any State?

The federal law doesn’t allow felons to own any sort of weapon. The felon may apply to get his 2nd Amendment rights restored but under federal jurisdiction, owning a gun is not possible for a convicted felon.


Can a Felon Live with Someone Who Owns a Gun?

The law doesn’t prohibit a felon to live with or be in a relationship with someone who owns a gun, licensed through proper channels. However, the felon can’t own the weapon intentionally under any circumstance.


Can a Felon Buy from a Dispensary?

Apart from dispensaries that sell controlled substances such as alcohol or marijuana, felons can buy from dispensaries. The restriction however still implies what the felons can buy and can’t buy from certain state-operated dispensaries.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can a felon with a medical marijuana card work in the medical marijuana industry?

By working in the medical marijuana industry, we assume that it is about obtaining a medical marijuana clinic or dispensary license. For most states, it is difficult for felons to get a business license allowing them to work in the medical marijuana industry.



Can a felon grow their medical marijuana in NY?

The state laws allow people older than age 21 to grow 6 cannabis plants (3 mature, 3 immature). However, possession of marijuana in concentrated amounts is prohibited and comes under the banner of ‘unlawful possession’.


Can someone lose their medical marijuana card due to a new felony conviction?

The answer to this depends upon the extent of the felony, the jurisdiction if there was a legal battle, and the state in which the felon is residing. On a bad day, you can lose your medical marijuana card due to a new felony conviction.


Can a felon get a medical weed card in Illinois?

No, the state of Illinois is very strict regarding medical weed cards, especially if you are a felon. Any level of former drug abuse felony makes you ineligible to apply for a medical marijuana card in Illinois.


Can felons get a medical weed card in Missouri?

Yes, felons can get a medical weed card in Missouri without any former felony convictions obstructing the application process.


Can you get a grower’s license with a felony?

The answer to this depends upon the state you’re residing in, the extent of the former felony, and your record as an active member of society.


Can a felon be a caregiver in California?

If you have received an exemption for any former felony, then yes. Otherwise, the state doesn’t allow felons or people who are known for misdemeanors to apply as a caregiver.


Can a felon be a caregiver?

No, a felon can’t be a caregiver as long as he/she has been declared exempt from certain charges and is allowed by the law to work in such a position.

Can a felon get a medical marijuana card in Colorado?

No, individuals having a felony record in the last 5 years aren’t eligible to obtain for a medical marijuana card in Colorado.


Can a felon get a medical marijuana card in Texas?

Yes, the state of Texas doesn’t bar anyone to get a medical marijuana card even if they have felony charges held against them.


Can a felon get a marijuana card in Florida?

Yes, you can still get a medical marijuana card in Florida even if convicted of a felony in the past.


Can a felon get a marijuana card in New York?

Yes, New York allows felons involved in non-violent crimes to obtain a medical marijuana card as long as they don’t fall under section 137 of Cannabis Law.


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Having a past felony registered in records does take a lot of fundamental rights from someone who is trying to be an active and productive part of society. The majority of the states do allow felons to get the required medical help and licenses they need for their well-being, such as a medical marijuana card. But still, the process needs to be more concrete allowing felons to apply for the required and prescribed medical aid.

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