420 Friendly Restaurants in California
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In the last few years, the Golden State has upgraded its cannabis-related laws to ensure that the residents of the state can enjoy the soothing pleasure of cannabis. However, does that mean everyone within the state of California can now consume cannabis?

Well, the answer to that will be no. As per the current cannabis regulations, residents of California who are 21 years or older can legally purchase and possess cannabis. You can possess up to one ounce of dried cannabis flower or up to 8 grams of cannabis concentrate-infused products such as edibles and beverages.

Now that cannabis-infused delicacies are legal to consume within the state of California, many new restaurants and bars have emerged throughout the state, offering delicious treats to cannabis enthusiasts.

Let’s take a look at some of the best 420-friendly infused restaurants in California,

1. Cannabis Super Club

When it comes to beautifully pairing cannabis with artistic dishes and delicacies, Cannabis Super Club is surely a game changer. The club is more focused on providing an exquisite and luxurious dining experience to its customers. The menu is quite assorted and focused on infusing cannabis with gourmet meals that you will definitely come back to enjoy for a second time. The club offers multiple membership plans, and access to the club is limited to an event-only basis with no fixed location.

2. Mangia Ghanja

The whole idea behind the start and launch of Mangia Ghanja is surely something that makes this restaurant service unique. Well, calling Mangia Ghanja a restaurant won’t be accurate as the place operates by providing private expert chefs who are masters of infusing cannabis with your favorite gourmet dishes. Microdosing the handcrafted dishes is one of the specialties that make Mangia Ghanja a must-try attraction for cannabis enthusiasts in California.

3. Barbary Coast

Now, this is how a cannabis dispensary should look and operate on a large scale. Barbary Coast shatters your idea of a traditional cannabis dispensary with its serene ambiance and knowledgeable budtenders on-site, ready to help you select the right and most delicious cannabis delicacies to suit your taste. The real star of the whole establishment is the lounge, which has 5 HDTVs, making sure that you feel at home while shopping.

4. Tasty High Chef

Cannabis-infused dinners, parties, and corporate events, Tasty High Chef is your go-to place when you’re looking to add that special touch of cannabis to your meals. Offering a wide range of dishes specific to the needs of each and every one of the customers, this restaurant and catering business will surely become something that will provide a remarkable kind of cannabis-infused experience for you and your cannabis-enthusiast friends.

5. Rainbow Bar & Grill

If you’re someone who is looking to enjoy cannabis-infused and spot a celebrity nearby, then Rainbow Bar & Grill is the perfect haven for you. Depending upon the day, you can even enjoy live music while dining in a beautifully decorated dining room.

6. Popcultivate

Popcultivate redefines the cannabis dining experience, blending gourmet cuisine with artisanal psychedelics. With a focus on carefully sourced, organic ingredients, each dish delivers a tasteful and controlled recreational encounter. The chef-designed menus feature seasonal, sustainable creations complemented by 5 mg doses of sun-grown cannabis. As an event planner and designer, Popcultivate offers a unique fusion of culinary artistry and cannabis exploration. Don’t miss this extraordinary weed restaurant.

7. Cannabis Cafe

Explore America’s inaugural Cannabis Cafe, a haven where rich history meets your favorite meals infused with weed, even during brunch. This unique spot in the heart of LA harmonizes organic food with cannabis, offering an elevated experience. It’s not just about getting high on food; it’s about savoring life while staying in control since 2019.

8. Bull & Dragon

Bull & Dragon, making a comeback with a new venue, is renowned for its exceptional catering, especially private events known as “The Herb Project.” Offering a blend of fine cuisine, warm service, and a touch of luxury, they craft unique experiences. Embracing nature’s gifts, their inclusive approach turns local, seasonal ingredients into innovative, high-quality dishes.

9. Chebba Bakery

For those new to weed edibles or seeking a fresh experience, discover the finest options at Cheba Bakery. Their offerings provide a precise measure of weed consumption, delivering sweetness without the strong cannabis taste. With meticulous attention to detail, Cheba ensures a delightful blend of flavors and quality ingredients, presenting premium cannabis-infused edibles.

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