Medical Marijuana For Crohn’s Disease
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Awareness of complementary therapies for chronic disorders is rising. As an addition to their existing conventional treatments, many people are exploring more natural cures. Because their prescribed meds aren’t working, many people are turning to natural remedies. Intense adverse effects from other medications or treatment regimens have also been reported in patients.

Patients with Crohn’s disease are becoming increasingly concerned about this issue. As a primary or supplemental form of treatment for their chronic and incapacitating condition, many Crohn’s disease patients are turning to medical marijuana.

What is Crohn’s Disease?

There is no cure for the intestinal disorder Crohn’s disease. There are several symptoms, including diarrhea, stomach pain, loss of weight, fever, and rectal bleeding. One of the two main categories of inflammatory bowel disorders (IBD) is Crohn’s disease. Colitis with ulcers is the other type. The lining of the digestive system (GI) is impacted by Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s disease is extremely painful and occasionally life-threatening.

The digestive system from the mouth to the rectum might become inflamed as a result of Crohn’s disease. Although it can have a distinct impact on each patient, it most frequently affects the area of the GI tract where the small intestine connects to the colon. Because of how bad it can get, the gut tissues’ innermost layers can become inflamed.

Crohn’s disease is a crippling, agonizing condition that occasionally results in complications. It is characterized by episodes of flare-ups and remission during which the symptoms and inflammation are controlled. These swings in disease activity may occur more than once.

Medical Marijuana For Crohn’s Disease

Numerous health advantages of medical cannabis include symptom management for Crohn’s disease. There are more than 60 distinct chemicals in cannabis, several of which have therapeutic effects. THC and CBD are two substances that are recognized to have positive effects on health. The psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, known as THC, is what causes its mind-altering effects.

The following are a few cannabis health advantages that treat the effects and symptoms of Crohn’s disease:

  • Using anti-inflammatory qualities to reduce inflammation
  • Providing analgesic properties to relieve discomfort
  • Reducing anxiety preventing nauseousness and vomiting
  • Increasing hunger

Best Cannabis Strains for Crohn’s Disease

According to research, people with Crohn’s disease can greatly benefit from cannabis sativa. Cannabis sativa is a cannabis kind with a high THC content. Products made from cannabis sativa are some that are suggested for reducing Crohn’s disease symptoms:

  • Jean-Guy medicine for the stomach
  • Medicine Man for pain management
  • Hash Plant to treat pain
  • Willie Nelson for increasing hunger

Why Choose Medical Marijuana?

There are many reasons why people with inflammatory bowel illness might think about using cannabis.

  • Cannabis is thought of as being organic and safe.
  • It is becoming less taboo and more common to use.
  • As an alternative to opioids and other medicines, there may be a benefit.

Many people with IBD have reported using cannabis to relieve symptoms like pain, nausea, diarrhea, reduced appetite, and overall irritability.

Choosing The Right Medical Marijuana Product

Finding the proper cannabis product and dose for you can be quite difficult because there are so many different cannabis products available. Don’t worry! Here are some suggestions on how to choose the ideal product if you’re thinking about trying it.


A 2021 study found that calculating a precise cannabis dosage to treat IBD-related symptoms is challenging. The amount of THC or CBD present, the intensity of your symptoms, and your response to it are all important factors. It is therefore best to consult your doctor beforehand. They can aid in your decision-making.


Cannabis can be eaten, vaped, or smoked. Everything is dependent on your unique choices. If you only want to use CBD, you can also get types without THC.


A 2017 study found that many cannabis products understate the amount of cannabinoids present or fail to include all of them. Because of this, you must choose premium brands that have undergone independent testing. A certificate of analysis (COA), a validated document that contains information on lab tests, potency, and ingredients, is what you should look for.

Improve Quality of Life with Cannabis

A 2021 double-blind study evaluated cannabis’ impact on people with Crohn’s disease. For 8 weeks, 30 subjects in the trial got cannabis oil, whereas 26 received a placebo. 160 mg/ml of CBD and 40 mg/ml of THC were both present in the oil.

Before and after the treatment, the Crohn’s Disease Activity Index (CDAI) and the Simple Endoscopic Score for Crohn’s Disease (SES-CD) were examined. These ratings aid in determining ulcer size and quantifying symptoms. Blood samples from a subset of subjects were also provided for testing on plasma levels of CBD and THC.

After 8 weeks, the study’s participants who received cannabis treatment reported a higher quality of life.


Numerous Crohn’s disease sufferers have benefited from using medical marijuana since it is a natural, inexpensive, and efficient alternative therapy.

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