Why Make Your Own Cannabis Edibles?
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When it comes to consuming cannabis, there are practically hundreds of ways out there that you can try. Oils, tinctures, patches, capsules, etc. but nothing beats the relaxing and long-lasting experience brought by cannabis edibles.

Eating a cannabis-infused edible means two things. First, the edible will take longer than usual to settle and get absorbed by the body. Second, if you’re consuming cannabis through edibles, there’s a very prominent chance that it’ll go through your liver.

The importance of Decarboxylation

Before we get to our favorite ‘cannabis brownies’ recipe, there’s one more thing you should be aware of. Before eating a cannabis edible, you need to decarboxylate the bud, or else consuming cannabis this way won’t have much effect on your body.

The best way of decarboxylation is to cook the edible at 215 to 225 degrees for about 40 to 45 minutes. This will enhance the potency of cannabis many times.

Our favorite ‘cannabis brownies’ recipe!

There are practically hundreds of weed-edible recipes ranging from gumballs to brownies. But what we like at the Kif is the legendary edible brownie recipe Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart first introduced to the world. Here’s what you’ll need,

  1. Four eggs
  2. Two-thirds cup of cannabis butter/oil
  3. Two cups of sugar
  4. One and a half cups flour
  5. Three tablespoons cocoa powder
  6. One tablespoon of baking powder
  7. One and a half teaspoon salt
  8. One cup of chopped pecans
  9. One tablespoon of vanilla extract

Once you get all the ingredients, then get a 9×13-inch baking sheet and an oven preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you have beaten the eggs, add the cannabis butter/oil and sugar.

Now mix the batter for ten minutes before adding the other ingredients. Leave the vanilla extract and chopped pecans for the last. Now, let the brownies cool down for about 35 minutes, and enjoy!

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