Is Weed Legal In North Dakota?
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Cannabis is legal in North Dakota for medicinal use. Qualifying patients of North Dakota can access medical weed as a medicinal drug. The state government legalized medical consumption in 2016. However, it does not approve the adult use of marijuana. Residents of North Dakota actively voted against the recreational use of marijuana.

No. The consumption of recreational weed is illegal in North Dakota. The state proposed the legalization in 2018. Voters of North Dakota expressed their opposition through their voting rights.

In 2020, the state took another chance. The Covid-19 pandemic hampered it. The proposal was again denied in 2021. The state tried in 2022 to place the proposal in the 2022 ballot. The voters of North Dakota again opposed it.

The strong denial indicates that residents of North Dakota do not want the liberty to use recreational marijuana in the state. It implies that individuals cannot possess any amount of marijuana to consume for recreation. It also shows that the state’s residents do not entertain any form of weed product for recreation.

North Dakota government gave a green signal to the medical use of marijuana. The state issued the Measure 5 in 2016. The act allowed licensed doctors to use marijuana as a medicinal alternative. A qualifying patient is free to purchase medical marijuana as per the North Dakota Compassionate Care Act. They must obtain a medical marijuana card to possess medical marijuana.

KIF is a trusted organization that streamlines the easy registration of medical marijuana cards to those patients.

According to the North Dakota Compassionate Care Act, a qualifying patient can buy a total of 3 ounces (85 grams) every month. They can also possess a maximum of 2000 milligrams of THC concentrates in their food products. However, a qualifying patient must not practice home growing of weed. The state modified Measure 5 in 2017.

It banned the cultivation of marijuana at home. Hence, you must buy medical marijuana from a registered medical dispensary for legal consumption. Capsules, topical, tinctures, concentrates, dried leaves and flowers, and transdermal patches are different weed products available in licensed medical stores.

The state does not disregard the long history of marijuana in the United States of America. The act prepared a list of medical conditions. Some of them are common to every state of the USA. Cancer, Crohn’s disease, Glaucoma, AIDS, HIV, Epilepsy, nausea, muscle spasms, and chronic pain are common qualifying conditions. The health department of the state added some more.

It included Tourette syndrome, Autism Spectrum disorder, Bulimia nervosa, Rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, Fibromyalgia, and other conditions to that list. Hence, you must contact KIF to get your medical marijuana card soon.

Penalties for Marijuana Possession

  • An adult caught with marijuana below 0.5 ounces is fined up to $1000. It is a criminal infraction in North Dakota.
  • It is a misdemeanor to possess weed above 0.5 ounces. Offenders are fined up to $1,500. They may also face up to 1 month of prison service.
  • The possession limit must not exceed 500 grams.
  • Individuals caught with weed above 500 grams are sentenced to a maximum of 360 days of imprisonment. They are fined up to $3000. The offense is considered a misdemeanor.

Is Weed Decriminalized in North Dakota?

The governor of North Dakota signed the House Bill 1050 in 2019. The bill lifted the punishment of imprisonment for possessing less than 0.5 ounces of marijuana. The decriminalization of weed implies that an individual will not be arrested for possessing a small of weed (below 0.5 ounces). They will be fined.

However, it is a criminal offense to consume weed on federal properties. Federal law does not permit the consumption of weed. It is a Schedule 1 drug on the federal list.

Future of Cannabis Legalization in North Dakota

The market of marijuana is slowly flourishing in North Dakota. The state approved medical marijuana consumption. Thus, it opened the gate of the weed business in the state. Qualifying patients are the only consumers of weed in North Dakota. They can purchase different weed products for medical use.

In 2017, the state altered the law. It lifted the provision of cultivating weed plants at home. Thus, the only way to possess marijuana in North

Dakota is through licensed stores. Naturally, legal sales hiked since 2017. It would not be wrong to say that the government took an intelligent step to flourish the commercial growth of weed in North Dakota.

The future of cannabis legalization is vague. Only qualifying patients are allowed to purchase medical marijuana. The legalization of recreational marijuana would increase the market size multiple times. However, it depends on the voters of North Dakota.

North Dakota Marijuana Laws in 2024

  • Consumption of medical marijuana is permitted in North Dakota.
  • Adult use of weed is strictly prohibited.
  • A qualifying patient can increase the possession amount to 7 ounces of weed. They will have to present their doctor’s recommendations for that.
  • Minors cannot possess marijuana in North Dakota. Their licensed caregivers must purchase marijuana for them. Those minors have to be qualifying patients.
  • Individuals must not consume weed in public places.
  • Consumption of medical marijuana on federal lands, workplaces, and schools is strictly prohibited.
  • Individuals can consume medical weed at their private residences. An individual must get an affirmation from their house owner for a rented house.
  • Individuals must not drive while consuming cannabis. They cannot consume weed while riding a motor vehicle.


I got a medical marijuana card from another state. Can I use that card in North Dakota?

North Dakota does not approve reciprocity to out-of-state qualifying patients. You can possess a medical marijuana card from another state, but you must not buy marijuana in North Dakota.

It will be taken as a criminal offense here. You must be a resident of North Dakota with a registered medical marijuana card issued by the government of North Dakota. Then, you can buy medical marijuana.

Can I possess marijuana paraphernalia in North Dakota?

Possession of weed paraphernalia is an act of misdemeanor. You can be punished for such an offense. The severity of the penalty depends on the intention of possession. For consumption, you can be fined up to $1,000. Your punishment can be increased to an imprisonment of 360 days followed by a fine of $3000 for cultivation.

The same penalty is applicable for manufacturing and delivery. You must not deliver it to a minor. You may have to serve 5 years in jail. The judge may fine you of $10,000.

Can I buy weed-infused drinks in North Dakota?

Weed-infused drinks and edibles are illegal in North Dakota. Medical marijuana is legal to consume in the forms as directed by the state government.

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