Is Weed Legal In Nebraska?
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No. Weed is not legal in Nebraska.

The legalization of weed in Nebraska has not yet taken place. Residents of Nebraska have been trying to legalize the medical use of weed. However, the High Court of Nebraska has been strict with its prior decisions.

Naturally, the recreational use of weed is also illegal in Nebraska. In short, you cannot consume weed in Nebraska under any condition.

Nebraska has no legal provision to possess marijuana for recreational reasons. Nebraska has adopted federal laws to restrict marijuana use for recreational reasons. The federal body has listed marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug in the USA.

According to federal laws, weed consumption is illegal for recreational purposes. However, each state has the liberty to frame its laws. Many states have opted for their laws. They have restricted the use of marijuana on federal lands or water. Thus, they maintained an amicable balance on weed consumption.

Nebraska was once a land of abundant weed in earlier times. Settlers from Illinois introduced hemp to Nebraska in 1887. It is said that Nebraska once was a green spot for hemp cultivation. It was mainly used for the textile industry. However, the federal government declared weed illegal in 1929.

This step stirred the existing practice. Soon, the green zone of hemp cultivation turned grey, and the state saw a rapid decline in the cultivation. It implies that the plantation of weed plants is illegal in Nebraska.

No. Medical marijuana is still illegal in Nebraska. A bill named “The Cannabis Compassion and Care Act” was introduced in the House in 2015. The bill aimed to legalize the consumption of cannabis for therapeutic reasons. They prepared a list of qualifying conditions. Debilitating conditions like cancer, glaucoma, HIV, and AIDS were presented in that list. However, the bill was dismissed in 2016 through a Senate filibuster.

The residents of Nebraska are not unaware of the advantages of marijuana in the medical sector. The legalization of weed in other states for medical purposes has encouraged them to learn more about the goodness of the plant. In 2020, an independent organization submitted a petition to legalize medical marijuana.

The organization is called Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana. Over 182,000 Nebraskans signed the said petition, supporting legalizing medical marijuana.

Hence, there is an optimistic hope that the ban will be lifted soon. Legalizing weed in Nebraska will entitle a qualifying patient to a medical card. This card will enable them to purchase weed from a licensed dispensary. Moreover, they may get permission to plant weed plants for medical purposes.

KIF is a trusted organization that helps in the seamless registration process of medical marijuana cards. They will expand their helping hand in Nebraska as well.

Penalties for Marijuana Possession

  • Possession of marijuana up to 1 ounce is treated as an infraction for first-time offenders. An offender may face a maximum of $300 in fines. They may also get an order to complete a course on drug education.
  • It is treated as a misdemeanor when the same offender commits the same offense for a second time. It is considered a Class IV misdemeanor. They may face a maximum of $500 in fines.
  • It is a Class A misdemeanor in Nebraska for the same convict as they commit the same crime more than two times. The judge may sentence them up to 7 days of imprisonment, followed by a maximum of $500 in fines.
  • Possession of weed above 1 ounce but below 1 pound is treated as a Class III misdemeanor in Nebraska. The offender may face up to 3 months of prison service. Moreover, they will get a maximum of $500 in fines.
  • It is a Class IV felony to possess over 1 pound of weed in Nebraska. The offender may be sentenced to a maximum of 2 years of imprisonment with a fine of up to $10,000.

Is Weed Decriminalized in Nebraska?

The state government of Nebraska has rigorously eradicated weed from the state. Consumption of weed products is strictly prohibited in Nebraska. Nebraska decriminalized the possession of marijuana in 1969. It relaxed the severity of punishment. Therefore, possessing a small amount of weed in Nebraska is not criminal.

Weed possession is not a felony for first-time offenders. They may get a minor fine of $300. However, it is strictly prohibited to possess marijuana on federal lands.

Future of Cannabis Legalization in Nebraska

It is still unclear whether weed will be legalized in Nebraska. The cultivation of weed is still illegal. However, universities and research centers had permission to cultivate hemp for research purposes. After the Farm Bill of 2018, hemp became legal to be cultivated in the fields of Nebraska.

The residents of Nebraska proposed a bill for recreational purposes in 2020. But the High Court declined the proposal. However, the hope is still high for medical marijuana voters. The awareness is increasing every day. People are hoping that the state might legalize the medical consumption of weed one day. KIF will do its best to help qualifying patients in the registration process.

Nebraska Marijuana Laws in 2024

  • Consumption of recreational weed is strictly prohibited in Nebraska.
  • The state does not approve the consumption of medical marijuana in Nebraska.
  • Cultivation of weed plants is not permitted.
  • A patient can use CBD oil for treating chronic illness.
  • Hemp-based CBD products must be accessed from a licensed dispensary.


Is possessing marijuana in Nebraska a felony?

Possession of marijuana is considered a felony when the possessed amount is over 1 pound. Otherwise, it is an infraction for first-time offenders to obtain 1 ounce of cannabis.

CBD is a compound. Cannabis is a plant. It does not create any intoxication impact on users. Hence, CBD is not a drug. You can consume CBD products for medical reasons in Nebraska.

Please ensure that you are buying from a government-registered store. The product must be hemp-derived. Make sure that the THC concentration is limited to 0.3%. You can consume CBD products in the form of capsules and gummies.

I am a qualifying patient with a medical marijuana card from another state. Can I buy marijuana in Nebraska?

Unfortunately, there is no such regulation in Nebraska. You cannot purchase weed in Nebraska as it is illegal here. It does not matter whether you have your medical marijuana card.

Can I consume hemp flowers in Nebraska?

You are free to consume hemp-derived CBD products. But you must not consume hemp flowers in Nebraska.

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