Illinois Medical Cannabis Caregiver Process
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It is remarkable that the whole ‘Medical Marijuana’ legalization drive is taking over the US. So far, 38 states have declared Medical Marijuana legal; most have active MMJ Programs. However, there are still some concepts related to these programs that confuse the majority of individuals. One such concept is of a ‘caregiver’. What is a caregiver? Why become a caregiver? How to become a caregiver? Let’s find answers to all of these under the documentation of the Illinois Medical Cannabis Program.

What is a caregiver?

A caregiver is basically an individual who gets the right to help patients have a Medical Marijuana Card to consume, purchase, and cultivate Medical Marijuana. Not all patients having an MMJ Card are able to go out and buy the prescribed Medical Marijuana, especially if they are younger than 18.

This puts the whole legal and acting responsibility on the shoulder of a caregiver legally. But as per the Illinois Medical Marijuana law, the caregivers must also legally register themselves with the state’s Medical Marijuana regulatory authority in order to do all of this.

Why be a caregiver in the first place?

That’s a great question. Well, most of the caregivers who legally register themselves as a ‘caregiver’ for a patient who has a valid Medical Marijuana Card are already taking care of the patient one way or the other. These caregivers can be immediate family members as well as close friends of the patient.

In most cases, the caregivers are the parents of a patient who is younger than 18 and can’t purchase or cultivate Medical Marijuana for himself/herself legally, even with a valid Medical Marijuana Card. The caregivers help the patient in such legal matters.

Illinois Caregiver Requirements

As per the state regulations, in order to be eligible for the Illinois Caregiver Program, you must be older than 21, a permanent state resident, and must be willing to act as a caregiver for a patient who is generally disabled at some capacity or a minor who needs your assistance.
You become ineligible to apply as a caregiver in Illinois if you have been convicted of,

  • A felony violation of state or federal controlled substance act.
  • Violent crimes are defined in Section 3 of the Rights of Crime Victims and Witnesses Act or similar charges.

How to apply as a caregiver under the Illinois Medical Cannabis Program?

In order to become a legal caregiver in the state of Illinois, you need to head to the website of the Health Department, Illinois, and start your caregiver application form. You’ll need documents like your proof of residency in Illinois, your patient’s medical recommendation, and a passport-size recent photograph of yourself. The form will mention if there are any other documents required in your particular case.

The state will also require you to attach a background check report of yourself for which you’ll have to get your fingerprints scanned. In the end, all you’ll need to do is to gather all the documents and send them to the Department of Public Health Division of Medical Cannabis at 535 West Jefferson Street, Springfield, IL, 62761.


How Much Does IL Caregiver’s License Cost?

  • The one-year registration plan will cost $25 and the two-year registration plan will cost $50.

Can Caregivers Also Be MMJ Patients?

  • Yes, as per the IL state regulations, caregivers can be MMJ patients.

What If An Applicant Has Criminal History?

  • The answer to this depends upon whether you have been convicted by a legal clause that can disqualify your IL MMJ Caregiver application or not.

Can IL Caregivers Have More Than One Patient?

  • No, one caregiver can only be with one patient at a time.

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