How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Colorado?
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This might be a surprise for some of our readers that Medical Marijuana had been legalized in Colorado state since the year 2000. Over the years, the state’s Medical Marijuana Program went through a lot of changes/adaptations which we are going to discuss today.

Benefits Of Having A Medical Cannabis Card In Colorado

A Colorado Medical Cannabis Card enables you to legally consume/possess Medical Marijuana products within the state. The card also provides you the right to purchase Medical Marijuana goods from state-authorized medical dispensaries. This ensures that you’ll get quality Marijuana goods at amazing rates.

The card also gives you the right to grow your own Cannabis at your home within a certain quantity. Just make sure you do this within the premises of your house or a private closed space.

Eligibility Requirements For Becoming a Medical Marijuana Patient

In order to be eligible for a Colorado Medical Marijuana Card, there are some conditions that must be fulfilled by the applicant. These conditions include being older than 18 years, having proof of residency within the state of Colorado, and having a valid Medical Marijuana recommendation from a doctor.

Qualifying Conditions For Medical Card In Colorado

Apart from the basic eligibility requirements, the patient must be diagnosed with one or more qualifying Medical Conditions. These conditions are,

  1. Severe nausea
  2. Cancer
  3. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  5. Cachexia
  6. Persistent muscle spasms
  7. Severe pain
  8. Autism spectrum disorders
  9. Glaucoma
  10. Medical conditions that could require opioid treatment
  11. Seizures

Process To Get Colorado Medical Marijuana Card

The Medical Marijuana Registry within the state of Colorado is maintained by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). The authority is also responsible for issuing Medical Marijuana registry cards to qualifying applicants allowing them to legally consume and purchase Medical Marijuana within the state of Colorado. It is quite interesting that the whole application process for a Colorado Medical Marijuana Card can be divided into two different streams.

People who opt for the mail application process need to submit their Medical Marijuana recommendation and all the relevant documents to the CDPHE through the mail. For email-based applications, the processing time is around 6-8 weeks after which the approved applicants will find their Medical Marijuana Card through the mail.

You can also apply for a Colorado MMJ Card online which involves creating a CDPHE account online and providing the required information. Your application will be evaluated within 1-3 business days. The successful applicants will be notified through email and they’ll be able to print out their Colorado Medical Marijuana Card through their CDPHE account online.

How Do I Find A Medical Marijuana Doctor In Colorado?

Well, considering the modern trends, there are two ways through which you can find a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Colorado. The first involves searching through the web putting endless hours into it so you can find a Medical Marijuana Doctor that fits both your budget and busy work schedule. But we do warn you though, searches like these don’t often bring the most fruitful results.

However, the second method is known for its time-consuming and cost-saving properties. You can hire telemedicine-based services offered by the like of The Kif and get your Medical Marijuana appointment booked with a certified medical doctor in a matter of few minutes. Plus, the service charges will be way more affordable than traditional appointment charges here in Colorado.

How Can Kif Help You With All Of This?

Kif’s whole working model is based on the fact that we have now developed a telemedicine-based platform where certified Medical Marijuana doctors from all over the US are connected with us and one another. When you decide to book your Colorado Medical Marijuana evaluation with us, we have the expertise and the technology to connect you with a certified Colorado Medical Marijuana Doctor as and when you prefer.

This ensures that you are going to get full control over your appointment bookings. Plus, our charges are super affordable with a money-back guarantee in place so we can assure you that you’re getting the best services from our end.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Medical Cannabis Card In CO?

The state of Colorado charges a non-refundable $29.5 fee for every new applicant. Individuals who are applying for a card renewal also pay the same $29.5 fee for a one-year renewal.

Does Colorado Have Recreational Weed In 2023?

Since the year 2012, the recreational use of Marijuana in the state of Colorado is legal. A person older than 21 years can possess up to one ounce of Marijuana without a Medical Marijuana Card.

​Why Get A Medical Marijuana Card In CO?

Well, if the recreational use of Marijuana is permitted within the state of Colorado, then why is there a need to get a Medical Marijuana Card in the first place? Well, there are certain benefits that are only available to individuals having valid Colorado Medical Marijuana Card holders.

For example, MMJ Card holders can possess up to 2 ounces of Marijuana while those who don’t have the card can possess up to one ounce of Marijuana. The cardholders also get the right to buy Medical Marijuana products from state-authorized dispensaries and even cultivate up to six cannabis plants with only three of them in the flowering stage.

Can I Renew My Colorado Medical Marijuana Card Online?

Of course, you can. The CDPHE now also has an official online working portal where you can apply for a Colorado Medical Marijuana Card renewal completely online. All you’ll need to do is submit the necessary documents and pay your renewal fee.

Schedule An Appointment With Us!

With all that being said, we believe that now is the time to book your Colorado Medical Marijuana Evaluation with us. The Kif will ensure that you’re getting all the support you may need throughout the process. Plus, our telemedicine-based HIPAA-compliant approach ensures that you get full control over your appointment booking with high-end data privacy set in place.


Does Colorado Allow Reciprocity Of Marijuana?

  • Unfortunately, the state of Colorado doesn’t allow out-of-state reciprocity on Medical Marijuana Cards.

Is Colorado A Reciprocal Marijuana State?

  • No, Colorado is not a reciprocal Medical Marijuana State yet.
  • Yes, with a valid Medical Marijuana Card, you can grow up to six cannabis plants in Colorado with 3 of them in the flowering stage.

Can Someone Under 18 Obtain a Medical Card?

  • Yes, if you’re under the age of 18, you can apply for a Colorado Medical card with a legal guardian to act in your place.

Where in Colorado Can I Buy Medical Marijuana After My Doctor Gives His Approval?

  • There are states authorized dispensaries throughout the state from where individuals having a valid MMJ Card can buy Medical Marijuana.

Is It Possible For My Child To Apply For A Colorado Medical Marijuana Licence?

  • Yes, it is possible as long as you decide to act as the legal guardian for the child.

Where Can I Find A Medical Marijuana Doctor In Colorado?

  • You can search it up online or acquire services offered by telemedicine platforms like the Kif.

What Are The Caregiver Regulations In Colorado?

The primary caregiver program for Medical Marijuana patients is yet to be finalized by the state of Colorado.

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