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How To Get A Medical Card In Hawaii

Getting an appointment

Once you book an appointment with an MMJ Doctor through Kif, you have become a part of the Kif community. Scheduling your appointment, making changes to it, preferring online mode of communication, etc. These are some of the areas in which Kif is going to assist you thoroughly when you become ready to get an 329 Card in Hawaii.
Step 2

Talk to your MMJ Doctor

It hardly takes a 10-15-minute session with a certified doctor to get a prescription. We are sure that you will have countless questions regarding Medical Marijuana-based treatment. So, when you get the chance, do ask your MMJ doctor and clear out any doubt you have. We understand things can be a bit overwhelming at the start.
Step 3

Get Approval

So far, you have booked an appointment with an MMJ doctor in Hawaii through Kif and your doctor approves Medical Marijuana-based treatment for you. This means that now you are all set to apply for an MMJ Card with the State of Hawaii. Register yourself with the state if you’re not already and apply.

Your application will be further evaluated by the State of Hawaii and you will be able to download your Medical Marijuana Card from the state’s Department of Health website.

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About Medical Marijuana in Hawaii

Hawaii is not just famous for its Pacific Ocean-facing beaches and resorts that are ideal for a vacation. The state has been an active player in the field of Medical Marijuana usage since the year 2000.

To this very day, there are about 30,000 active Medical Marijuana Cardholders within the state. The majority of the residents believe that these numbers are still quite restrictive but the state plans indicate that measures are being taken by legal authorities to boost the number of Medical Marijuana Card holders shortly.

Recent legislations are all set to expand the qualifying conditions for an MMJ card allowing individuals above age 65 to benefit from this mode of treatment. Also, an adult age 21 or older can legally grow up to 6 cannabis plants within the state.

As of now, mainland MMJ Card holders are allowed to get the relevant goods from dispensaries. For the residents of the state, a doctor’s approval and a submitted application are all you need to get Medical Marijuana Card in Hawaii.

How does Kif help you to get an MMJ Card in Hawaii?

Well, Kif believes in the strength of a connected network. When you register yourself online with us, we help you in finding a certified doctor nearby and book an appointment at your convenience. Once you get the prescription, you’re all set to submit your application for an 329 Card to the state. We also assist with services like Medical Marijuana Card extension or renewal, completely online.

Qualifying Conditions

Hawaii has approved more than a dozen conditions that qualify residents for a 329 card for medicinal cannabis, including:

A chronic condition that produces

ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease






Multiple Sclerosis


Rheumatoid arthritis

Seizures characteristic of epilepsy
Severe and persistent muscle spasms characteristic of Multiple Sclerosis or Crohn’s disease.

Severe nausea

Severe pain

The state of Hawaii is very strict when it comes to defining the relationship between the caregiver and the patient. For the majority of the cases, the caregivers are restricted to handling Medical Marijuana products on the same level as a Medical Marijuana card holder.

Even if you get certified approval from a physician, there are certain state rules you need to check to get a Medical Marijuana Card. The most prominent of these rules include having a valid state resident ID or Driver’s License.

Once you’re all set to apply for a Medical Marijuana Card, you will have to pay the application fee of 38$ to the state along with an average of 150$ Kif cost that allows you to get a certified prescription from a doctor within 10 minutes. If you don’t get the approval, the Kif fees will be refunded immediately.

If you’re from another state, you’re well eligible to get a Medical Marijuana Card in Hawaii as long as you have a valid Medical Marijuana Card and a driver’s license/ID card.

Application Process

The state allows applicants to submit an online application and relevant documents upon successful payment of the 38$ MMJ Card fees. Any kind of misleading or false information provided to the state department can impact the application leading to a permanent ban.

Caregivers in Hawaii

The state of Hawaii acknowledges that some Medical Marijuana Card holders do require additional help to grow and manage their Cannabis products as they are too young to do it on their own. The caregiver in such a scenario is a friend or family member, older than 18 years, and must be designated by the MMJ card holder to be qualified for this role within the state.

Possession and Cultivation of Medical Marijuana

Both the cardholders and the caregivers are allowed to have 4 ounces (equivalent to 7 plants if cultivating themselves) of Medical Marijuana in their possession. The same rule applies to out-of-state individuals within the state having a valid Medical Marijuana Card.

However, after December 2023, the caregivers won’t be able to cultivate cannabis if there’s a legal dispensary on the island, or if the caregiver has legal custody of the patient who is too young to take legal actions on their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can get Medical Marijuana in Hawaii with an out-of-state Medical Marijuana Card and a valid ID or driver’s License.

Yes, it is legal to use Medical Marijuana in Hawaii. Contact Kif to get a better idea of what you need to do to legally obtain Medical Marijuana.

If cultivating personally, Hawaii currently allows both the patients and the caregivers to possess and cultivate up to 7 cannabis plants.

Yes, there are about 13 state-approved dispensaries from which you can obtain Medical Marijuana.

Apart from getting approval from a doctor, the state application fee for Medical Marijuana Card is $149.

What to do in Hawaii now that you have a Medical Marijuana Card?

With the Kif team at your back, you have got your Medical Marijuana card in Hawaii. That’s great! But what now? Well, the Medical Marijuana infused treatment isn’t like the conventional treatment we all hear about. It gives you an opportunity and energy to explore your surroundings. Can there be any better time to do this? Especially when you’re in beautiful Hawaii. Here are some activities that you should try in Hawaii,

Explore the beaches and resorts

Hawaii is known for its Pacific beaches and resorts that can revitalize anyone’s spirit back to health and calm. Just imagine this, you’re sitting on a palm beach, enjoying your fruit cocktail while the waves of the Pacific gently brush your feet, an experience to live for indeed.

Hike to a waterfall

There are several trails within Hawaii leading to numerous natural waterfalls within the state of Hawaii. If you're looking for an adventure through the tropical forests, we suggest that hiking your way to a waterfall and enjoying the cool crystal-clear water is something you should try.

Attend a Luau

If you’re someone who enjoys a fusion of delicious food, music, and culture, head to the nearest Luau you can find. The diversity and colors of such an event are enough to create a core memory in your mind.

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