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Medical marijuana has never been easier to obtain than it is today. Schedule a time to meet. Tell your doctor what you need. Get your card mailed to you. All at once!

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Let us know your medical history, and we will pair you up with a marijuana doctor who is licensed to treat patients. Depending on where you reside, we will briefly talk in person or over video. Ask them what is wrong and how to treat it, such as what type of treatment to use, how to administer it, and where to obtain it.

Personalized Cannabis Consultations

There is no substitute to the level of expertise our doctors provide.

The doctors in our network are licensed to practice in the state (or states) where they work to help their patients obtain a medical marijuana card legally in their state(s).

As part of our network, we provide doctors with cloud-based solutions for Electronic Medical Records or “EMRs” to facilitate your interactions with them in compliance with HIPAA privacy regulations. To retrieve and store your patient data, our doctors ensure that the process is as safe and secure as possible by using industry-standard encryption.

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The moment you receive a doctor's approval for the use of medical cannabis through our platform, you will be able to register with the medical marijuana program in your state as soon as possible. To access your local dispensaries, you will either get an email with a physical card or have to wait for the card to arrive, depending on when this process has been completed. We will ensure that we help you throughout each step of the process in each state, as the laws vary from state to state.

You're all set

Do you know what makes you sick? Feeling ill. The study of biochemistry suggests that each other and vice versa influences both the body and the mind. You don't have to be a stoner to use cannabis, and that's what the science says. Feel free to relax.

No surprises here.

You only have to pay your doctor's fees, and we don't impose any extra fees. Furthermore, your payment is completely secure, allowing you to rest assured. The site has been rigorously tested to secure your credit card information.

Easy Ways To Get A Medical Marijuana Card

In light of the growing popularity of medical marijuana, people interested in exploring cannabis as a potential treatment option need to be very aware of what their state offers and where it stands regarding the legal status of medical marijuana. What’s more, patients want the easiest way to find dispensaries. There are a variety of names for medical marijuana cards, including 420 cards, cannabis cards, recommendation cards, and more. Cannabis can only be obtained by patients with a 420 card from a doctor licensed in a specific state. We’re here to help.


We developed KIF Doctors to ensure that patients who wish to use cannabis legally have access to the medicinal products dispensaries offer. There has historically been difficulty reaching the right doctor and obtaining accurate information. Using KIF Doctors’ service, you can access medical marijuana doctors that have signed up hundreds of other patients in the past few years. Providing comfort, discretion, and sophisticated patient care is one of our top priorities

Frequently Asked Questions

States have different qualifying conditions. In several states, chronic pain is listed as one of the qualifying disorders, so in such cases, it doesn’t matter which disease causes the general pain or discomfort. If it is considered long-lasting, you will be accepted for medical benefits.

Yes, you can do video consultations in states that allow telemedicine! KIF Doctors lets you do all of that. Our video streaming platform has been custom-built and is HIPAA compliant, so you can use your smartphone or computer to schedule an appointment and begin the approval process in no time at your convenience.

You get it the same way you did when you got it first. Please book a new appointment with us to see a doctor again. Some states allow a card to be valid for more than a year; others do not.

Most patients need to see a doctor again, but most don’t have any problems with the quantity. Whenever you want to increase the dose, just let us know and we’ll increase it for you. Cannabis can be purchased at a given rate by your doctor during a given period.

Some states do not accept out-of-state medical marijuana cards, and sometimes you may need an out-of-state card to access marijuana.

Ultimately, it is the medical program and the accessibility to medical marijuana that sets medical marijuana apart from recreational marijuana. Due to taxation, medical dispensaries will give access to patients under 18 under caregiver programs.

Personalized Cannabis Consultations are available to anyone. Instead of applying for a medical marijuana card, these consultations serve purely educational purposes and contribute to patients’ knowledge of cannabis and CBD use. All consultations occur online via video, remain confidential, and are entirely anonymous.

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