Can I Get a Weed Card for ADHD
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When Medical Marijuana legalization finally happened in the US, a new debate sparked. Is using Medical Marijuana beneficial for cognitive disorders like ADHD? When we take a look around to find a definite answer to this, the majority of the researchers are divided into various classes with an emphasis on further research to get a final and scientifically backed-up answer.



What Is ADHD?

ADHD is a neurodevelopment disorder resulting in an inability to sit still, scattered focusing, and impulsive behavior.



Does Weed Help ADHD?

ADHD is all about controlling the symptoms which can be a short-term thing. So far, research that has been conducted to find some beneficial impact of Cannabis on ADHD symptoms has declared mixed results. Even credible researchers believe that more in-depth research is needed to be conducted on the topic before arriving at a conclusive result.



The Risks of Medical Marijuana and ADHD

Using Medical Marijuana has obvious beneficial effects when it comes to coping with ADHD-caused anxiety. But at the same time, there is a major risk associated with it as Marijuana does worsen other symptoms of ADHD at the same time.

According to studies conducted by Dr. Stephanie Sarkis, If you’re already suffering from ADHD, Marijuana will decrease your executive functioning ability. In other words, you will find it even harder to start a task or manage your time for it. Consuming Marijuana also negatively impacts working memory.



What Are the Benefits of Using Medical Cannabis for ADHD?

Individuals taking Medical Marijuana to cope with ADHD symptoms claim that using Medical Marijuana helps increase their hyperactivity and impulsiveness. Marijuana also helps ADHD patients by reducing sleeping anxiety and increasing appetite stimulation.

Dr. McCue, a well-known researcher and expert in this field says that the limited research done on the topic gives the idea that ADHD symptoms such as hyperactivity and impulsiveness can be reduced by using Medical Marijuana.



How Cannabis Could Help With ADHD Symptoms?

The breakdown of Cannabis tells us that it has two major compounds that influence brain activity and can help with ADHD symptoms.

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC): The psychoactive ability of THC allows it to work on the areas of the brain responsible for control, coordination, and reaction time.
  • Cannabidiol(CBD): Nonpsychoactive in nature, CBD works in the opposite of THC and is responsible for maintaining a balance for brain activities and counteracting the effects of THC.

When you smoke Cannabis, you’re intaking both THC and CBD at the same time.



ADHD Potential Causes


Studies have revealed that parental smoking does influence the rate of ADHD development in children at young ages. Children whose parents had been exposed to smoking before and during pregnancy had a 2.01% increased risk of ADHD development than children whose parents weren’t exposed to smoking.


Brain trauma

For young children and teenagers, TBI or traumatic brain injuries can lead to the development of brain disorders including ADHD. It has been revealed that approximately 1 out of 5 children who suffered from a TBI will also develop ADHD at some stage in life.


Lead exposure

According to studies, children having a gene mutation known as HFE C282Y had a prominent chance of developing ADHD under the influence of certain Lead levels in the blood. For children without this mutation, the Lead levels were marked as ‘safe’.


High sugar intake

High sugar intake is not known to cause ADHD but studies indicate that this may worsen the ADHD symptoms. Sugar intake is responsible for the release of dopamine within the brain along with opioid receptors known to produce that ‘craving’ feeling for sugar. This can cause dysregulation in the brain, resulting in more severe ADHD symptoms.



Cannabis For ADHD: What Research Says?

There is still a lot of space for research on Cannabis as an agent to treat ADHD symptoms. But the Federal Laws have restricted in-depth research on the topic which prevents the researchers from getting to a definitive answer. However, studies have revealed some facts so far which are,

People taking higher dosages of Medical Cannabis took fewer ADHD medications than others to control their symptoms.
Using Cannabis improves ADHD symptoms and downgrades the ADHD medication side effects.
From online posts mentioning the use of Cannabis during ADHD, 25% reported an improvement in their symptoms while 8% considered it to be harmful.



Using Cannabis With ADHD Medications

There is no definite study conducted on whether using Cannabis and ADHD Medications has any kind of impact on ADHD symptoms. However, a 2015 study shows that taking Cannabis and Adderall ( a common ADHD medication) creates unique effects that are neither positive nor negative.



How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card For ADHD with us?

Looking to get a Medical Marijuana Card for ADHD? Well, The Kif is here to help you out with that. What we can do is book an appointment for you with a certified medical practitioner so you can get a valid prescription for Medical Marijuana usage for your condition. Plus, you get a complete refund if you don’t get a prescription.

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Can I Get A Medical Marijuana Card For ADHD?

No, you can’t get a Medical Marijuana Card solely for ADHD. No US state has mentioned ADHD as a valid condition to use Medical Marijuana yet.



Can I Use Edibles For ADHD?

If your doctor prescribes that taking edibles will aid your ADHD, then yes, you can use edibles for ADHD. But that still requires a valid Medical Marijuana Card issued by the state you are residing in.

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