Telehealth Consent

Updated: 10th Aug, 2023

Consent for Telehealth Services and Kif Policies

Description of Telehealth Services:

By agreeing to this Consent for Telehealth Services, you authorize Kif to provide medical treatment and services using telehealth technology. This involves the delivery of health care services, including assessment, treatment, diagnosis, and education, using interactive audio, video, and data communications.

Your Consent and Rights:

By typing your name and clicking “I agree to Terms of Use” on the Kif telehealth portal, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

You understand and accept the risks and benefits of telehealth services.
You agree to the terms of this Consent, including the Telehealth Privacy Notice.
If signing on behalf of a minor or dependent, you have the legal authority to consent to medical services and accept financial responsibility.

You understand that the level of care provided by Kif is consistent with in-person medical visits.

In emergencies, you will dial 911 or visit the nearest hospital emergency room.
Potential Benefits of Telehealth:

Access to medical care without the need for travel.

Efficient medical evaluation and management.

Reduced exposure to potential health risks, especially during health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Potential Risks of Telehealth:

Limited availability of diagnostic tests.
Inability of the provider to conduct a hands-on physical examination.

Delays due to technical difficulties or unauthorized access to information.
Privacy and Confidentiality:

Kif is committed to protecting the privacy of your health information. All confidentiality protections that apply to in-person treatment also apply to telehealth services. For a detailed understanding, you can review Kif’s Privacy Policy here.

Consent Withdrawal:

You have the right to withdraw this consent to telehealth services at any time without affecting your right to future treatment by Kif.

Governing Laws:

The laws of the state in which you are located will apply to your receipt of telehealth services.


By using the Kif telehealth portal, you acknowledge receipt of this Consent and agree to its terms.

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